Browning Recon Force Trail Camera Review

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Browning Recon Force Review

Rating: 3.9

List Price: $149.99

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Trail Camera Description

The Browning Recon Force Trail Camera is loaded with features to help you scout your favorite hunting spot. Powered by 8 AA batteries, this 8MP trail camera features incredible battery life, HD video with sound, while providing time, date, temperature and moon phase on every image. The camera also includes the Buck Watch Time-lapse software to assist when viewing images from the camera’s time-lapse mode. With a 65 flash and the silent rapid fire feature (4 pictures in 2 seconds).

Trail Camera Reviews Favorite Features

Amazingly fast trigger speed (0.69s) and recovery time (2.3s).

Takes outstanding day time photos with great color quality.

Improved detection range of up to 70ft in most cases.

Well crafted and durable case. Highly weather proof.

Browning Recon Force Camera Photos

Browning Recon Force Camera Videos

Browning Recon Force

5 Camera Features

Camera Features

  • 8MP Camera – HD videos with sound
  • Infrared LED illumination at night
  • 65+ foot flash range
  • Camo finish
  • Compact case size 5” x 4” x 2.5”
  • Timelapse camera mode
  • Less than 1 second trigger time
  • Long battery life from 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Takes up to 10,000 pictures on 1 set of Alkaline batteries
  • Up to 8 multi Shot images
  • Up to 6 Rapid Fire images
  • 12 volt external power jack
  • TV out and USB port
  • Picture info bar displays: time, date, temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure, camera ID
  • Programmable picture delay (5 sec. – 60 min.)
  • Support up to 32GB SD card (not included)
  • Includes Browning Buck Watch Timelapse viewer software

Browning Recon Force Customer Reviews

I’ve owned this BTC2 cam for a couple of months and the picture quality is very good. Compact and easy to program. Started to use video and watched owls feed on a rabbit…vid was at night and quite clear. Battery life is still full after 100 pics and 20 vids. Thinking of buying another. 1 con very sensitive to bright sunlight.

Purchased this camera a month ago, so far I am still on the same set of batteries. Takes excellent pictures both day an night and has good distance. Programming is fairly easy.

Great trail camera for the price! My Browning Recon Force takes about 1500 pictures a week. Never had one white out. I have the camera set to the highest resolution and taking a picture as often as every minute while game is in front of it. I have never had a blank picture and that’s roughly 7000 pictures so far. The only bad thing when taking so many pictures I had to replace the batteries every month.

I bought Browning Recon Force as my first trail camera. Easy to set up and use. Pictures look great during day and good at night. Has a little bit of blur at night but still easy to see and that is probably to be expected. The camera took 1200 pictures (mostly of a branch blowing in the wind) and is still 100%. At this price you can’t beat it and I plan on buying another.

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