Day 6 Plotwatcher Trail Camera Review

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day 6 platwatcher trail camera review

Rating: 4.0

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Trail Camera Description

The Day 6 Plotwatcher Trail Camera Surveillance System has revolutionized scouting camera technology and functionality. Unlike trail cameras that trigger on short-range motion, the Day 6 Plotwatcher Trail Camera captures images of an area regardless of how far the subject is from the camera. So whether the animal is 30 feet or 330 feet away, you’ll see them on the video. This greater field of view allows you to see game and their travel patterns that would have otherwise gone undetected by traditional trail cameras. With this information, you can review your HD video to scout likely hunting locations before you go into the field. With this ability, you can pattern game and develop your strategy to know where and when you want to hunt. Get closer to your game and stop guessing where to hunt! Camera Features

Trail Camera Reviews Favorite Features

Records 7 days of daytime time-lapse High-Definition video

Captures game at any range. 10X more than most trail cameras

Long battery life lasting for over 35,000 video images

Comes with free GameFinder software with MotionSearch

Plotwatcher Videos

Plotwatcher Trail Camera

Camera Features

  • Battery life lasts up to 35,000 video images (equals 7 days of 10 second interval time-lapse)
  • GameFinder Software with MotionSearch software included
  • Review one full day in 3 minutes or less (5,000 frames of video)
  • 1280×720 HD video
  • Simple and easy-to-use thumb wheel control
  • Customizable recording time
  • Time-lapse settings for 5 or 10 second or customized intervals
  • 8 Gb USB drive recommended (not included)
  • Requires 4 AA batteries not included

Plotwatcher Trail Camera Customer Reviews

The Day 6 Plotwatcher Trail Camera allowed me to do a quick scout of a large area. I set it up on a farm road and could see 100 yards down it. I was able to find the crossing that a large buck was using everyday and the time he was moving. I took that buck only because the plotwatcher helped me identify that buck’s movements.

Was a little leery in ref. to water and the case but have had no prob. after storms moved through. This is not the do it all and all I need piece of equipment. It does, however go great with my other cameras. I set up to over-watch a area…saw the location the deer used day after day and then set my trail cams just in the woods to get more info on the deer.
I also put a cam under the Day 6 Plotwatcher Trail Camera in a spot I’ve used my cam before for three days. I had 7 photos of deer. But the plot watcher showed more area and I now know the deer are not coming as close to the location I was wanting to hang a stand…I moved the camera only and had 19 pic’s in 2 days plus what I saw on the plotwatcher.
Battery life has not been a issue due to time in the field. Easy to understand and use. Zoom is grainy but like I said use it with your other equipment and get those better shots or just move the plotwatcher.
I do suggest getting the metal case to lock it to the tree to keep the scum from helping themselves to your gear though.

I use the Plotwatcher Trail Camera for deer hunting and I love it!! It enables me to see where they come from and when. Excellent resolution and good battery life. Very cool product and easy to use.

This is the 1st trail camera that i have ever purchased and i absolutely love it.I use it for a security camera during the week when i’m working and on the weekend when i’m home i use it to watch the wildlife that come into my backyard.It takes very nice pictures and also has a zoom that gets you up close and personal if you need to.

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